About Nationwide Staffing Ltd

Finding the Right Candidates for Any Industry

The success of your business depends on the quality of your staff, and that means finding the right candidates for your positions.

Nationwide Staffing will make sure the right people are placed in your roles, no matter what industry you’re in. Originally specialising in construction recruitment, and now operating in a huge range of sectors across the UK, we only work with the most talented, motivated and reliable candidates.

Because they’re the best people to help your business thrive.

Only The Best Candidates Succeed

We don’t just fill empty vacancies with the first person to send in a CV. We vet each applicant to make sure they have the skills, experience and personality to work well as part of your team. As every good recruitment agency should.

Where we differ from the competition is with what happens next. Once one of our candidates takes on a role, we monitor and supervise them, to ensure that all of your goals and requirements are met. That way, you can be sure that the jobs you need done are being done properly.

Temporary and permanent staff alike are subject to the same rigorous vetting and supervision, so you can put your faith in Nationwide Staffing to fill any vacancy.

Whatever Your Industry, We’ll Tailor a Recruitment Plan

To find the right candidate, you need a tailored recruitment plan. So before you post your jobs, we’ll talk to you to discuss your needs, requirements and company objectives. By understanding your business, we’ll find the very best person for your job.

Don’t waste time and money sifting through unsuitable applicants. Call Nationwide Staffing Ltd today and discuss a specialist recruitment plan. 020 7419 8900.

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